Happy Holidays!

When I sat down to write this, I had all intentions to start giving you the math on setting up short rows. But that was before I realized what date this entry would be posted. I have the honour of posting at Christmas time, the greatest season for knitters. This is when we “burn the midnight oil” finishing up that last mitten, or Kitchener stitching that sock. We fret and worry and procrastinate over what we are going to make, and who might appreciate a handknitted gift, and do we have enough time to actually make all the things????? Oh my. Sets one’s head spinning.

So what does one do about Christmas knitting? First of all, manage your expectations. Yes, I know you should have heard this back in the fall, but…? Live and learn. Your time is precious. If you are like me, I also want time to bake, and make decorations, and knit for me, and go out and do other things. So look at how much you realistically have to do. And do you want to be furiously knitting on December 24th?

Second, will the person like, love or go absolutely bananas over something you have made with your own two hands? If yes, go ahead! If no, then stop to think. I once made a completely beautiful, rather “difficult to execute” wrap for someone, based on a picture (ie, no pattern) and I heard her say, ”Well, I guess I can use it around the house. Too bad she cheaped out on me.” Wow! Did that smart! Of course, her friend’s answer cheered me up a bit. She said, “You’re kidding, right? That’s silk.”

Thirdly, are you okay with giving up that yarn to someone else? I tend to get into very personal relationships with my yarn. I choose it because I like it. So if you would find it hard to give it up that yarn, then do not give knitted gifts.

My plan, every year, is to give one knitted gift. My family and friends know that I take a lot of time to decide on just the right thing. So they do feel honoured when they are “the chosen one”.

And just so you have something with short rows to practice on, over the holiday, try these gorgeous little decorations, the bobble tree and the Santa gnome.

They are free patterns, found on another knitting blog, right here http://knitting-and-so-on.blogspot.ca/2016/12/garter-stitch-christmas-gnome.html/ and here https://knitting-and-so-on.blogspot.ca/2016/12/o-christmas-tree.html

Practice your short rows now, get familiar with the types of turns and such, and I promise, next time, I will talk all about the math of short rows, and where they go!

In the meantime, Bear (my big white poodle) and I wish you and yours every best fibery dream, and may the new year be filled with new things to knit and lovely yarn to fondle.

Happy holidays!


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  • Deb…..So pleased I found your blog. After we met at Chapters last year I was hoping we would link up again.. now we have. Would love to get together over coffee or something. Have just purchased yet more wool to make socks for my granddaughter. It never ends does it. Imagine Annie at Queen’s. That’s great………Love Sharon