Creative Planning for 2017


Happy New Year!  If you are reading this, you have made it through the holiday bustle and now, with the commotion behind us, we have time to think about our creative endeavours for the upcoming year. I go through this process annually and here are some of the things that I consider.  Please note that these are not my New Year’s resolutions, but more my aspirations.

In the post holiday calm, I like to think of upcoming holidays, birthdays, weddings, births, etc. to consider whether or not someone would like and appreciate a handmade gift. These projects I note on my calendar as possibilities and ensure that I have factored in enough lead-time in order to allow for their completion.

Planning new projects usually causes me to think of my unfinished ones.  Tossing guilt aside, I decide which unfinished objects I will complete and which ones will I consign to my recycle bin for repurposing and removal from my To Do List.

This logically leads to stash busting, when I consider sharing, gifting, and/or upcycling items.  Are there items left over from a craft that I no longer wish to explore? Or alternatively, is there a way that I can quickly upcycle items in order to put them to use and free up my limited storage space.  For example, I recently used left over wool to make dryer balls, rather than holding on to it to acquire enough to stuff a pillow.

Now that I have mentally cleared out my stash, I begin dreaming of new directions.  What techniques do I want to try out, improve upon, or explore? What new tools, exotic fibres, and hand-dyed yarns would I like to acquire? Is there a colourway that I find intriguing and want to try? These get put on a list of Possibilities.

Travel is another biggie on my list.  I am always inspired by and attracted to fibre related tourism including retreats, festivals, tours, workshops and museums. I mark my schedule in anticipation of these events so that I might attend should the opportunity present itself.

The community aspect of creating is also important to me. I choose podcasts and blogs that I want to follow, fibre groups in which I wish to participate and social media that I feel best supports my fibre interests, be it Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Ravelry, etc.

If I am not too exhausted at this point, I also like to consider how I can use my craft for charitable purposes.  There are many organizations in need of crafters to help produce items that are either needed or that can be used to fund-raise.

Going through this exercise creates a level of excitement in me as I anticipate the possibilities for the creative year ahead.  This planning process results in a ready list from which I can pick and chose. After all, these are not my New Year’s resolutions.


Happy New Year to Everyone

And may the fibre muses be good to you in 2017.


Rhonda Kellett


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